Daily Archives: March 12, 2016

Drunk On Algae

Drunk-Plankton.adapt.768.1 (1)Studies indicate that a special breed of plankton in the north part of Atlantic Ocean feasts itself on toxic algae thereby becoming intoxicated and begins to exhibit strange behavioural patterns. To the opposite of alcoholic humans, plankton once intoxicated is able to swim in a faster pace by maintaining a straighter paths thereby making them more visible and accessible to other species. The researchers were however quite surprised to see this behaviour as they expected the plankton to be slower and loopy.
squid1Copepod’s which are known for creating red ripples in the sea an important constituent to the marine and this particular variety of plankton’s which thrive on copepod’s are known to provide as food to immense variety of fish deep inside the ocean. Even though these plankton’s are found to eat other kind of algae, they gorge themselves on the poisonous algae once they encounter them and thereby being susceptible to their predators.
Research data indicated that this tiny little creature swam around 25 percent faster after algae consumption, and also that it exhibited a behavioural pattern which could not be categorized. However there is also another growing concerns among research scholars from different parts of the world which is regarding the impact of toxins travelling up to higher levels of food chain causing harm to fish species and thereby also affecting human beings due to its consumption. As this phenomenon was only discovered very recently, a lot of studies has to be carried out in order to further our understanding and cognition in this area. But this seems to be a topic that would be of interest to all.

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