Plight Of Malnourished Elephants

01zimele3.ngsversion.1436874252092.adapt.768.1Recently a very popular infotainment channel had showcased the sad story of elephants caught from the wilderness of Zimbabwe to be exported to Asia. The mammoths looked malnourished, sunken and tired. Joyce Poole, who is the director of elephant voices which is a Kenyan research organization, explained the situation to be tragic and also pointed out that most of the animals were injured.
ThaiElephantTrade_250x250Even though there has been a widespread protest against the export from environmentalists around the globe, no action has been taken yet. The authorities support the decision stating that it is “allowed” by the law. However supporters of animal welfare decry it to be intolerable cruelty, as elephants are known to possess superior intelligence and emotional capacity.
However Zimbabwe made an official statement which said that it would not continue this sort of international trade of animals in the future. Environmentalists also suggest these physical wounds also leave a lasting impression on these elephants by leaving them bruised emotionally and depriving them of psychological well-being.

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