Electrician – Grounding Information

Electrician – Grounding Information

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Just now I spoke with an electrician. He gave me some fine instructions with regard to grounding, and I thought I would share it.

What is Grounding?

Most of all, grounding is a safety system for your dwelling. not only does it guard our abodes but it also ensures your safety. Simply put your electrical system is connected to the earth. All of the metal parts that your electrical system has or can possibly come in contact with are wired in such a way as to pass any electrical current directly into the earth if need be.electrician san antonio

Understanding what a Ground Fault is.

Grounding is a safeguard that kicks in when an electrical problem known as a ground fault pops up. An example of this would be when a damaged wire makes contact with its conductive shroud. This can also happen if you mistakenly attempt to work on your electrical system without first shutting off the power.

No matter the cause of the ground fault, the path of the electricity does not flow through the circuit as normal. When working properly the electricity is fed through the positive wire into a load, such as an appliance, then it returns to the electrical panel via the neutral wire. When a ground fault happens, the current bypasses the load and if wired correctly pass through to the grounding wire. Because the circuit now has a direct path to the ground, it causes what is known as a short or short circuit. This short in turn causes the circuit to use overflowing power, this extra power consumption then results in the breaker inside your electrical panel to trip shutting off the power to the circuit. Because the grounding is so terribly important, the connections that connect your electrical panel to the earth must be made using specific connections. The main grounding wire from your panel is either connected to the earth via a grounding rod or via cold water lines. Depending on your location, other methods such as ground plates are used or the grounding wire is connected to a concrete foundation.

You may consider calling in a professional electrician to look at your home’s grounding system. This would be very important to do if you’re buying a new home. To search for a local electrician in your area use google.com.

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