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Reviving Beatrix Potter

header10 (1)There is good news to all history and book lovers, as a latest Beatrix book is all set for its publishing after 102 years of its writing. It has been 75 years since the famous and widely loved children’s author passed away. The book is named, the tale of kitty –in-boots and features a female kitty who dresses up in a Norflock jacket and gentleman’s fur boots. This kitty would be the last addition to other potter characters who are widely loved all around the world, such as peter rabbit, Mr. Tod, Mrs. Tiggy –winkle and Tabitha Twitchit.
51saHzbi14L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The book is planned to be published in the USA and Britain around September by Frederic Warne &co, who were the original publisher of the deceased writer. Recently, BBC published a part of the story leaving her fans in high anticipation of the book’s release. The press release of the publishing house indicate that the re discovery of the manuscript was no less than an exciting mystery plot in itself. The manuscript was found about two years ago by Jo Hanks, who happen to lay hands on a literary history about the author which is now out of print.
It was in fact a letter that the author had written to her then publisher in 1914 and it talked about a story about a well -mannered black kitty who also leads a double lie along with the some pages from the manuscript. Potter (1886-1943) is still regarded as one of the most loved children’s authors in English literature, which compelled hanks to further his investigations to the museum archives, where there is an enormous collection of potter books.
He found the complete handwritten manuscript there attached with a sketch of kitty –in –boots. Hanks, one of the primary publishers of Frederic Warne&co cannot contain his thrill of stumbling upon a potter tale. He describes the tale as a reflection of everything potter stands for with an array of characters new and old including the all-time favourite peter rabbit. The publisher believes this book to be the best among her tales.

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Scanning the pyramids projects

5641b413290000d7004dc92aPyramids of Giza are one of the greatest wonder in the world and are among the most celebrated monuments in history. The process of its buildingstill remains a mystery and operation scan the pyramids targets in solving and unearthing all the unknown facts revolving it. It employs high tech machinery to study the structure of the pyramids by team of expert research scholars and scientists. While using one of the methods called infrared thermography, they have happened to detect a thermal anomaly or hot spot on the great pyramid’s eastern wall.
pyramids-plate-250x250Now further research and investigations are directed at the hope of finding a passage or chamber to the insides. For the past several months, experts have been investigation on possibilities of these pyramids having hidden chambers in the hope of finding a solution to this mystery .even though there are widespread speculations within the research team, as to what this anomaly could lead to; sources do suggest that an empty cavity within might lead to a difference in temperature on the walls. The team comprising international scholars have tried carrying out the research at different times of the day and also at different environmental conditions.
Operation scan the pyramid is expected to conclude by the end of next year, and the researchers are planning to complete the scanning of the great pyramid, which is the second largest of the pyramids in Giza. It is believed to have been built for Khare, Khufu’s son along with the pyramid of bent and the red pyramid which were both built by Snefru who was the founder of the fourth dynasty of pharaohs. The research team is quite positive thinking about the possibilities of finding more anomalies, thereby leading them to finally solve the world famous mystery.