Scanning the pyramids projects

5641b413290000d7004dc92aPyramids of Giza are one of the greatest wonder in the world and are among the most celebrated monuments in history. The process of its buildingstill remains a mystery and operation scan the pyramids targets in solving and unearthing all the unknown facts revolving it. It employs high tech machinery to study the structure of the pyramids by team of expert research scholars and scientists. While using one of the methods called infrared thermography, they have happened to detect a thermal anomaly or hot spot on the great pyramid’s eastern wall.
pyramids-plate-250x250Now further research and investigations are directed at the hope of finding a passage or chamber to the insides. For the past several months, experts have been investigation on possibilities of these pyramids having hidden chambers in the hope of finding a solution to this mystery .even though there are widespread speculations within the research team, as to what this anomaly could lead to; sources do suggest that an empty cavity within might lead to a difference in temperature on the walls. The team comprising international scholars have tried carrying out the research at different times of the day and also at different environmental conditions.
Operation scan the pyramid is expected to conclude by the end of next year, and the researchers are planning to complete the scanning of the great pyramid, which is the second largest of the pyramids in Giza. It is believed to have been built for Khare, Khufu’s son along with the pyramid of bent and the red pyramid which were both built by Snefru who was the founder of the fourth dynasty of pharaohs. The research team is quite positive thinking about the possibilities of finding more anomalies, thereby leading them to finally solve the world famous mystery.

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