Ascot Racecourse To Be Converted

AscotThe heritage –listed lands near Perth’s Ascot racecourse is being considered to be bought by the private sector in order to develop it into a 2.2 hectare parcel of land. Rumours suggest that the government allotted nearly 50 million dollars to encourage research to determine and assess what could be done with regard to that land. The site which is situated on the prime area near the riverside also proudly holds heritage buildings entirely made out of bricks.

00147047 - 250x250However sources suggest that the coming of any new project would mean that a minimum level of maintenance would take place leading to some of the stacks to be restored .the residents are enthusiastic about the new decision and hope to see the site well maintained and preserved in the future.The representatives of the state released his statement mentioning that the study would critically examine the possibilities and future of the heritage land, analysing whether it could become retail, commercial and residential development. He also added that the site is an important constituent of the country’s heritage apart from the fact that it is primarily located. Even though they are repurposing the site, the government would stress on the importance of preserving the smoke stacks and the brick buildings. It is also evident that the state is encouraging and is keen on getting the private sector to be involved in this scenario and they are estimating the research team to complete its work and to have made some remarkable progress by mid 2016.

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