Just A Week Of Bearded Seals

bearded-seal_1599259iBearded seals are known to be the biggest providers of protein, it is estimated that one big seal is worth enough meat which would sustain a large family throughout one winter. Native Alaskans motor through the ice lakes every year during the months of June and July to hunt for seals who are usually found on the icy rafting areas.
gronlandsselHowever this year the ice had already melted because of which the seals migrated to further northern regions. The season of seals lasted less than 7 days which has been the least in the history of Alaska. The locals are alarmed by this change of the weather and claim that they have never experienced anything close to this before. They are saying that there is a trend of ice getting rotten each year.
The local residents also worry thinking over the fact that, as the season is becoming increasingly unpredictable, there would soon be a time where their children and grandchildren would be aliens to seal hunting and would not know and participate in the festivities related to the age old practise.
Many reports also suggest on how the patterns of many species have changed, like that of caribou migration. 2014, winter has been warmest which was ever measured through Alaska and this year, predictions are even worse. The local residents mention that it was raining continuously for every night consecutively for a week which made the warm water to seep through the ice and made it rot.

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